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Ing. Rostislav BÍLEK´S Building Design and Statics Office was established in 1998. The subject of the firm´s activities is providing designs for housing construction and building focusing especially on design and realization of load-bearing structures (static properties) both with new buildings and with building adjustments as well as renovation and reconstruction of existing buildings.

The firm takes part in design preparation of buildings according to requirements in the stages starting from preliminary studies, through documentation necessary for planning permission, documentation for building permit, realization documentation up to documentation of the particular real building merit. Thanks to good contacts with designers of other building professions, the qualities of which have been tested by cooperation carried out during the course of tens of realized building orders, we also provide general supplies of designs at all stages including necessary expert opinions and surveys.

With designs carried out by this firm, we provide, on the basis of an agreement, any kind of engineering activity, the author´s supervision and/or aid when choosing a supplier, or, as the case may be, we offer the possibility of rendering the investor´s technical supervision – even with the structures, the building designs of which we had not elaborated.

The firm is entitled to provide the above stated activities on the basis of certification conferred upon Ing. Rostislav BÍLEK in the fields of building statics and dynamics which ČKAIT (The Czech Chamber of Certified Engineers and Technicians) conferred upon him. To be able to provide high quality services, we are involved in the system of all-life education, organized by ČKAIT. The firm has been insured on the basis of a Contract of professional responsibility insurance.

From the point of view of the types and sizes of structures, we have hitherto taken part in actions in the following fields:

  • civil and housing construction,
  • industrial construction,
  • buildings in agricultural and food processing industry,
  • buildings determined for sports and free time activities,
  • structures determined for advertising purposes,
  • technological structures.

Among our customers are the following:

  • firms and companies,
  • villages, towns and cities,
  • state bodies and authorities,
  • social organizations,
  • individual investors and citizens.

On the basis of our age-long great experience, we are able to recommend, in case you require or wish so, such suppliers of buildings who, we feel sure, are great experts and whose work shall offer quality and be finished in time.

We are able to communicate with foreign cusomers as well and work out project documentation both in its English and German versions.

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